More Industrial Revelations DVD to be Released in September!

Great news for Industrial Revelations fans, the second series with Mark Williams, More Industrial Revelations has had a DVD release date set for September 16th!

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Welcome to Industrial Revelations

Welcome to an unofficial fansite dedicated to Industrial Revelations. Two 10-part series were made with the original host Mark Williams from the Fast Show, and Rory McGrath recently made another.

Industrial Revelations with Mark WilliamsSeries 1: Industrial Revelations looks into what started the industrial boom.

More Industrial Revelations with Mark Williams Series 2
Series 2: More Industrial Revelations continues to explore how industry developed and matured, and how Britain used its industrial muscle to build its export empire.

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Episode 2: Pants for All

In episode 2 of Series 1, Mark Williams looks at the transformations that took place in the textile industry. Moving from one man cottage operations to factories crammed full of workers.

Spinning Jenny

In 1764 James Hargreaves from Lancaster invented the Spinning Jenny. Which took raw cotton and spun it into thread for weaving. Before the invention, 6 spinners would produce the cotton required by one weaver. Now with the Spinning Jenny, one man operating a 120-spindle machine could supply enough cotton for 8 weavers. This breath-taking change in the economics of cotton production meant that cottage production was no longer viable.

Spinning Frames

Enter Richard Arkwright. From his experience as a wig maker, and trial and error, Arkwright perfected a water-powered machine which used gears to stretch the cotton and spit it onto spindles. It could process 100lbs of cotton in 300 hours instead of the 50,000 hours it would take Indian hand spinners. He was paranoid that his invention would be copied before he could make his fortune.

Arkwright built a factory in Cromford, miles away from his competitors. His machines did not need man-power to operate, just unskilled workers to maintain them. He invented the factory worker. When he exhausted the local supply of workers, he built cottages so he could move people into the area and work long shifts in his factory.

To connect the Cromford Mill to the rest of the canal network, Arkwright petitioned to get the Cromford Canal built. This allow cotton shipments from London and Liverpool to reach his mill.

When Richard Arkwright died, he was one of the weathiest men in the country.

Cromford and High Peak Railway

The Cromford and High Peak Railway, completed in 1831, was built to connect the mills at Cromford with canal network at Whaley Bridge, Manchester and the weaving mills of Lancashire who needed lots of cheap cotton.

This railway used horse drawn carriages over long flat sections of track and seven stationary engines to pull carriages up steep inclines. One such engine, a beam engine built by The Butterley Company of Derbyshire in 1829 was cited in an engine house at Middleton Top. The Butterley Engine used a closed cylinder where steam pressure acts on both sides of the piston. This engine uses Watt’s parallel linkage and a rotary arm to drive fly wheel at 40 revolutions per minute.

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Episode 1: Boom Time

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Mark Williams On The Rails

In this ten episode documentary, Mark Williams travels the world exploring the development of the railway from its humble beginnings in 1802 to the present day.

Episode 1: Cornish Steam Giant

Episode 2: Rocket Men

Episode 3: Brunel

Episode 4: Moving Mountains

Episode 5: The Carriage Kings

Episode 6: Death On The Tracks

Episode 7: Big Country

Episode 8: Speed and Power

Episode 9: Diesel Generation

Episode 10: Going Underground

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Series 1: Industrial Revelations with Mark Williams

Industrial Revelations with Mark Williams Series 1

Industrial Revelations with Mark Williams

The first series of Industrial Revelations was hosted by Mark Williams. Each of the ten episodes in the series charts the birth of British industry and looks at the developments in Britain’s transport network and technology.

Each episode will be written up over the next few weeks.

Episode 1: Boom Time: Coal, canals and steam, an explosive combination.

Episode 2: Pants for All: The industrial transformation on the cotton industry.

Episode 3: Clocking On

Episode 4: Pennine Passage

Episode 5: Working Iron

Episode 6: Coining It

Episode 7: Cutting Edge

Episode 8: The Iron Horse

Episode 9: Highland Flop

Episode 10: Power Crazy

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Series 2: More Industrial Revelations with Mark Williams

Industrial Revelations, Series 2 with Mark Williams

More Industrial Revelations, Series 2 with Mark Williams

Each episode will be written up over the next few weeks after series 1.

Episode 1: Bread and Beer

Episode 2: What to Wear

Episode 3: Gas on Wheels

Episode 4: Print and Paper

Episode 5: Under Pressure

Episode 6: Building a Revolution

Episode 7: Bright Sparks

Episode 8: Heavy Metal

Episode 9: Cutting it Fine

Episode 10: Machine Tools

Update 12th Aug 2010: Amazon has announced a release date for More Industrial Revelations!

Pre-order you copy today!

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